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Elks Lodges bring so much more to their communities than just a building, golf course or pool. They are places where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up.
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Our Lodge often provides charity to local families, schools, veterans, and many other people that are in need of help. One of our largest local charity work goes to hungry elementary school children through our Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies project.

Below are some pictures and news of other charity work done through our lodge.


July 24th, 2013

Through the benefit of an Elks National Foundation Gratitude Grant our Lodge was able to take 8 injured/disabled veterans out for a day of inshore fishing with the assitance of Fishing guide Captains Allan Engel, Rick Gross, Mike Greig, Jason Ramsey, and Ryan Shannon. They all worked with our lodge to provide a day of fishing that these veterans will not forget for a very long time. After catching all the fish they could handle we had a fish fry back at the lodge for the veterans that wanted to attend. I think they are still smiling from the trip and we can't wait until we can do it again!


October 7th, 2012

Through PER Jeff Mitchell our lodge was able to work with The Lauren Mitchell Band and a group of musicians that perform charity concerts that call themselves the Ladies Sing the Blues. These wonderfully talented musicians performed at Bradenton Lodge and raised close to $5000.00 to benefit Elks Feeding Empty Little Tummies through the concert and silent auctions.


November 17th, 2010

Our Lodge was recently contacted by PER Patrick Gallagher of Manasota Lodge 2734 regarding a person who was in a bad accident nearly two years ago. His name is Kyle Alexander and he was in a coma for eight months following the accident. He has become dependant on a wheelchair from being in that coma and is still in a rehabilitation home. The family needed a wheelchair so they could bring him home for day visits, but the insurance company would not order the wheelchair without a $500.00 cash deposit. Our Lodge, along with Manasota Lodge 2734, donated $250.00 from each Lodge so the family could have the wheelchair ordered. Now, nearly two years after the accident, the family will be able to bring Kyle home for day visits. The family is very thankful to both Lodges for helping them get their much needed wheelchair. This is truly the results of how Elks Care … Elks Share. Pictured below is Kyle in his new wheelchair.


September 13th, 2010

Our Bar Bingo recently donated school supplies to three area elementary schools. Each school was very appreciative of the donations. Pictured giving out the school supplies to school principals and staff are PER Gloria Gardner and Bar Bingo Chairman PDDGER Danny Tabor.